Below are a step-wise description of how to pay at Fakebanknote. We provide for you the best and easiest payment methods for your better experience with us. Hence, accept four(4) methods of payment; BITCOINS, MONEYGRAM, and GIFT CARDS such as Steam Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Cards etc. You just need to choose which method is convenient for you as you buy our quality products.


Bitcoin is the most secure and fastest payment mode. It can be done in seconds if the instructions below are followed keenly.This is the most preferred method of payment. Also, Fakebanknote implements the bitcoin payment on the most secure and best way possible.

  • After your order is placed, you can immediately contact us via our live chat and one of our agent is going to attend to you as soon as possible and also a bitcoin wallet address will be given to you so to complete your bitcoin payment.


If you already own a wallet just follow the steps below.

  • Select and add all your preferred shop items to your cart.​
  • Head to your checkout review your items and click pay with bitcoin.
  • Fill the bitcoin payment form by following the instructions
  • Make payment to the bitcoin wallet address displayed on our web-page and within the time countdown.
  • After the time countdown and you have not yet payed, you can always click pay with bitcoin again and refill the form for another generated address with ease.
  • Then proceed to checkout to finalize.

Get started

Log in or Signup into any of your crypto currency accounts and send bitcoin to the address generated during bitcoin payment at your checkout page. But if you are new to this, you can purchase bitcoin from the Gemini App or Coinbase App or perhaps from any nearby bitcoin ATM through bitcoin-depot


We also accept gift cards as a payment gateway for your order.

  • You can purchase any of following physical gift cards from a nearby physical Walmart store or perhaps from any nearby local store; STEAM GIFT CARDS/STEAM VOUCHERS, ITUNES GIFT CARDS, GOOGLE PLAY CARDS etc
  • Afterwards you then scratch the back of the cards
  • Send a clear picture of both the front and back of the cards alongside the purchase receipt to [email protected]
  • And lastly, wait for confirmation from us within few minutes while we validate your payment


  • Log In to  
  • Click Send Money, then enter our cashier’s name and the address which will be provided by an agent on our live chat.
  • Select Cash Pickup option and proceed to the amount to be sent.
  • You can either pay with your creditor debit card, or directly from your bank account.
  • You’ll get a confirmation by email. Share the receipt and reference number with us back via email.
  • Find a nearby convenient  MoneyGram location.
  • Complete the Send Money form with your name, our cashiers name and address  mailed to you. Input the sending amount then choose Cash Pickup.
  • Hand the agent the amount you are sending, plus fee, in cash. Money is sent and you’re given a confirmation receipt.
  • Share a visible copy of the receipt and the Reference Number with us via email.
  • Log into your account. If you don’t have a profile, please register for free.

  • Choose the Money in Minutes service.

  • Enter our cashier receiver name and address which is provided on ordering by mail.

  • Pay with your credit or debit card

  • You’ll get a confirmation by email. Share the receipt and tracking number (MTCN) with us via email.

  • Complete the Send Money section of the form with the payment info; our cashier’s name and address, then choose Cash Pickup and Money in Minutes.

  • Give the Western union agent the filled form with the applicable funds (including transaction fee).

  • Pay with cash or a US bank-issued debit card (at participating locations).

  • Share a visible copy of the receipt and the tracking number (MTCN) with us via email.

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